Wearable Art

Materials (Makes 30)

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The Australian maker markets are bursting with creative designers! Many artists are exploring original and novel designs from shapes and home life to nostalgia and Aussie flora and fauna. This activity celebrates the fresh designs that are currently being worn and adorned! For inspiration we encourage you to explore the work of Mazdevallia, Megan McKean, Missy Minzy, Min Pin and Outer Island.

Step 1. Provide each student with one Necklace Ball Chain, one Bracelet Ball Chain, a pair of Shepherd Hooks and one sheet of Shrink-Me Plastic.

Step 2. Remove the plastic film from the Shrink-Me Plastic sheet, then with fine grit sandpaper gently sand the surface, ensuring all areas have been sanded. This will help the pigment stick to the plastic.

Step 3. Use pencil to draw your designs onto the sanded side of the Shrink-Me sheet. Draw multiple designs to create charms for a bracelet, a pair of designs for earrings, and a larger design to be worn as a necklace pendant. Shapes can also be linked together with Jump Rings, but remember to punch multiple holes during step 4.

NB: Refer to Shrink-Me Plastic packaging regarding shrink ratios and artwork sizes.

Step 4. Cut out the shapes and then punch holes for the jump rings to be threaded through after baking.

NB: This step MUST be done before baking.

Step 5. Line an oven tray with baking paper (or a Silicone Mat). Preheat a conventional oven to 160°C. Bake for three minutes or until the shapes are flat. Shapes will shrink, become thicker and more rigid, and the colour will saturate.

NB: Shrinkage is approximate and won’t always remain proportionate, so please allow for some distortion.

Step 6. Attach a Coloured Jump Ring to each of the shapes.

Step 7. Shapes can now be threaded onto the Ball Chains and Shepherd Hooks.