Monochromatic Layered Patterns

In this lesson students explore monochromatic colours and how to mix them using acrylic paints. Students create layered patterns using repeating shapes. Once students have filled their page with shapes using a permanent marker they will mix different tones of one colour to paint each shape on their page.

Lesson 1

Explore monochromatic colours as a class. Discuss what monochromatic means and how you can mix different tints and shades using the one colour and adding white or black. Students use a black marker and a ruler or template to draw shapes on their page.

Students can choose one shape to repeat at different scales ensuring that areas of their repeating shapes overlap. Students continue drawing their shapes until most of their page is full.

Lesson 2

Students practice mixing different tints and tones starting from a base colour of their choice. Students should create at least 5 different variations of their chosen colour to use in their work.
Students use these colours and choose sections of their shapes to paint. Students should focus on painting a different colour in each shape.

Once all of their shapes have been painted students can mount and display their work as a class.

What you’ll need:

Cartridge 200gsm A4
EverZart Broad Marker
Paint Brushes
Paint Palette
Shape Templates
Acrylic Paints

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Monochromatic Layered Patterns