Fred Williams inspired Landscape Painting with Natural Brushes


In this video we create a Fred Williams inspired landscape painting using natural brushes and acrylic paint.

Fred Williams was an Australian artist born in 1927. Williams was inspired by the light, scale and harsh beauty of the Australian environment. He had a talent for abstracting real landscapes and conveying the vastness and beauty of the Australian landscape.

To begin we create our tools which we will use to paint, and mark make with. We collect leaves, sticks and other natural objects and bind them together to create brushes. We use tape and twine to bind our tools so that they can be used as a brush. We test our tools to see what kinds of patterns, shapes and lines that can be achieved.

Next, we create a background for our work. We use a piece of card to spread paint across our paper. We use one colour to create our sky and then work over this layer to create our middle ground of the ground. We use multiple colours and blend them across the page with our card.

To create our detail in our foreground we use our hand made brushes. We dip them into the paint and brush, stamp and stroke them over the middle ground layer. We use multiple colours and different textures to suggest the forms of trees, bushes and shrubs.

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Lesson Plan: Fred Williams Landscape

Materials List:

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