DIY two-tone Etching for younger students with Metallic slicks

In this video we will be exploring Metallic slicks. Metallic slicks are a smooth lip stick – like metallic paint stick. They are easy to use and will have a waxy texture when first applied to a surface. These slicks work best on darker coloured surfaces. We will be using a black canvas board, however the same process can be done on paper.

Apply a layer of the slicks onto a board and use an etching tool or tooth pick to draw lines in to the wax. Mistakes can be erased by applying more of the slick on to the board. By using small strokes interesting textures can be applied. The slicks will dry solid after a few minutes of air drying.

Lesson Plan: Metallic Slicks

Materials Used:

Canvas Board 6 x 8″ Black
Metallic Slicks
Etching Tools