Coloured Vinyl Sheets

This flexible and durable vinyl fabric is ideal for a range of textile, wearable art and craft projects. Convenient A4 size pieces in a bold assortment of colours including orange, cyan, green, pink, yellow, marine, teal, red, metallic silver and metallic gold.

Transfer: Use Foto Transfer Potch to transfer images and designs directly onto Vinyl.

Cut & Punch: Vinyl can be cut and fringed with scissors and can also be hole punched. Glue pieces together with Supertac.

Embellish: Vinyl can be stitched into and embroidered. Other embellishments such as beads, sequins and eyelets can also be added. NB: For easy sewing, use a large needle (knitters or chenille) with a thick cotton or embroidery thread.

Iron-On Sheets: Vinyl can be decorated with Iron-On Transfer sheets (Plain and Glitter) for seamless and effective results. NB: To avoid design and Vinyl from overheating, place a piece of baking paper between the iron and transfer and iron gently on a low setting.

Decorate: Use permanent pens, markers, Pearl Maker Pens, Colour Slix, and alcohol inks to add colour and pattern to the Vinyl surface.