Australian Flora Collage (with Magnet)


Australia has over 24,000 species of native plants, from golden wattles to eucalypts, proteaceaes, wildflowers and grasses. This activity reflects their unique shapes, colours and textures!

Step 1. Discuss the colours, shapes and textures of Australian native flora. Choose a plant to base an artwork on.

Step 2. Select a sheet of A5 Cover Paper to use as a background.

TIP. Dark colours work well and will help the flora stand out.

Step 3. To make the plant, begin by tearing shapes out of Cover Paper. Arrange these on the background. Shapes can be overlapped, scrunched or folded. Glue each piece to the background using a Glue Stick.

Step 4. Cut a strip of Adhesive Magnet and stick to the back of the collaged design.

OPTION. Write a festive greeting onto the background using White Perma Pen or a Metallic Pencil.