Watercolour Painting on Embossed Air-Drying Clay



In this lesson students will create an embossed clay print using embossing foil. Students will draw a design on to embossing foil and then press this into air drying clay to transfer. Students will then use watercolour paints on their clay to enhance their artwork.

Lesson 1

Students look at embossed / textured clay works. Discuss how these effects may have been achieved and how pattern, texture and shape can be used in these designs. Students will create their own embossed clay work using embossing foil. A theme of patterns, landscapes or abstract may be used. Students research designs and create unique design of their own on a piece of paper.

Lesson 2

Using their design students will place their paper over the embossing foil and trace their design on to the foil. They will then put the embossing foil on to a soft urface and create deeper lines into their foil and cut the foil in to the shape they would like their clay tile to be. Students roll out air drying clay to an even hickness. Place the foil on top of the clay, press down and then cut around the foil with a clay knife.
Allow to dry.

Lesson 3

Students use watercolour paint on their embossed clay piece.

Lesson Plan: Embossing Foil Clay Print