Rainbow Paper City

In this video Rainbow Paper City we explore the work of Huang Yung-fu. Huang Yung-fu painted his entire village to save it from being demolished. His work depicts bright colours and simple shapes which are very eye catching. We will be using these elements in our own version of a Rainbow City.

To begin we rule rectangular lines on a piece of craft card to represent the cityscape. These shapes can be tall, thin or thick but should vary across the page. Once the page has building shapes drawn across it we cut out the city line. We then add finer details in to the building shapes with lines, shapes and patterns which emulate some of the imagery in Huang Yung-fu’s rainbow village. We create doors, windows and multiple levels in our buildings to give it the appearance of a city.

Once all lines and details have drawn in black marker we add bright colours to our work using Posca pens. Poscas are a paint marker which come in bright colours and have a nice opacity when applied to different surfaces. We use Posca pens as they stand out and create eye catching colours. We then fold some of the edges of the buildings in our paper city both inwards and outwards to create a 3D look and allow our card to stand up.

These works can be displayed as is, in a group or multiple layers of different heights can be made and presented together with one behind the other to create a sense of depth.

You only need limited materials to complete this activity, craft card, coloured markers, black fine liner and a ruler. This range of video lesson plans are designed for teachers and can be shown to students. The videos come with downloadable PDF Lesson Plans that can be incorporated into a teacher’s curriculum plan. The lessons are also ideal for home learning as well.

Lesson Plan Rainbow Paper City

Materials List:

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