Watercolour Cotton Boards

Made from 100% cotton paper stretched over a sturdy board. The Watercolour Cotton Boards surface offers durability, excellent water absorbency, and pigment lifting ability for washes and corrections.

Tooth: A finer tooth than regular canvas board, which allows the watercolour paint to glide evenly across the surface – no beading.

Layer: Create loose, colourful backgrounds by applying watercolour onto a wet surface. Experiment by adding droplets of water into wet paint to create interesting patterns. Allow layers to dry to avoid bleeding.

Draw: Draw directly onto the canvas with water-soluble brush markers. Use an aquabrush to move the colour around and blend colours together. Allow to dry.

Add detail & lift colour: Add details to dry artwork with Aqua Paint Markers. Apply the Blender Marker in multiple layers to remove and desaturate colour (more layers = more desaturation).

Mask: Masking fluid allows you to block out (keep white) parts of the canvas surface. Ensure masking fluid is dry before painting over with watercolour. Once artwork is dry, remove masking fluid within 24 hours by gently rubbing with a finger or an Adhesive Eraser.

Tip: Molotow Masking Liquid Pens make masking easy and offer better control than a brush-on application, including the ability to get into tight corners, draw fine details and apply consistent strokes. Blue in colour, which makes it easy to see too!