Pom Pom Making

Pom pom making is a fun and exciting activity for all ages. Creating your own pom pom is simple and can be made using a store-bought pom pom maker or by cutting your own template. Pom pom’s can be made in a variety of sizes and a range of colourful yarns and cottons can be used. There’s nothing like making the finishing cut and getting that wow factor!

Making Your Own Template

Step 1: Draw and cut two identical donuts from stiff card. Cut out a small section so the donuts look like ‘C’ shapes. Cut a 20cm length of yarn and place aside.

Step 2: Put the two ‘C’ shaped templates together and wrap with yarn. The thicker the wrap the fluffier and denser the pom pom will be.

Step 3: Slot your scissors between the top edge of the two templates and cut all around.

Step 4: Take the yarn that was put aside and slot it down between the templates. Wrap it around, pull tight and tie off with a double knot.

Tips: The distance from the inner circle to the outer circle is the length of your pom pom’s hair. Double this and this will be the full size of your pom pom. N.B. Should you make your own template or buy a ready-made pom pom maker? Each have their advantages. Making your own allows you to make your pom pom any size you like, and not all store-bought makers have a ‘C’ shaped opening for faster winding of the yarn. A store-bought maker on the other hand is made of hard plastic and offers durability and is convenient in a classroom situation.

Different Pattern Styles & Effects!

Polka Dots: Wrap a layer of the base colour and then wrap a few strips of a different colour. Repeat this a few times.

Stripes: Wrap the yarn around a third of the template then do the same with a different colour alternating in thirds.

Speckles: Combine two or more threads and wrap around the template.

Half Half: Wrap one half of the template with one colour and the other half with another colour.