How To Clean Your Gel Plate

In this video we will show you the best way to clean your Gel Printing Plate and how to store it when not in use

Step 1

If you have dry paint in the surface you can add a thin layer of fresh paint and then pull a print. These sheets make great backgrounds for other projects.

Step 2

Put a piece of paper onto your plate and rub over it firmly then peel the paper away. This will remove any last remaining wet paint patches.

Step 3

When you can no longer remove any leftover paint on your plate gently wipe over the surface with a wet soapy cloth. Dry your plate by pressing a clean sheet of paper on the surface and edges.

Step 4

The best place to store your Gel Plate when not in use is in the plastic packaging that it came in. Make sure the inside of the packaging is dust free and place your plate inside with the protective plastic sheet on the exposed surface.