Drawing Explorations (Primary)

Creating Patterns: We find patterns in everyday life. Take a minute to explore your environment. Use Metallic Oil Pastels on Multipurpose Paper to repeat shapes and form patterns! Also great to use on black paper.

Blending Colour: Primary colours mixed together create secondary colours. Draw a shape and gradually fill with colour by laying colours over one another. Colour mixing can be achieved with paint, chalk pastels, Liquid Crayons and watercolour pencils.

Dispersing Colour: Draw dots on Multipurpose Paper with Artline Liquid Crayons. Drop water on each dot and blow through a straw to disperse the colour.

Watercolour: Use Watercolour Pencils on Brown Kraft Paper for a striking effect. Drawing patches of colour which can then be spread with water.

Line Work: Lines can be thick, wavy, long, short, angular or organic. Lines can be captured though drawing, Scratch Art, painting and by assembling elements or materials i.e. popsticks, pebbles etc. Experiment with controlled line and pattern work using a EverZart Pen on Brown Kraft Paper.

Creating Backgrounds: An alternative to starting on a plain sheet is to create a background. Backgrounds can be created using food dye, paint and collage. Scribble on Multipurpose Paper with School Colours Thick Markers to create large blocks of colour to use as backgrounds or in collage.

Black Marker Drawing: Experiment with less controlled line and pattern, using Zart School Colour Black Markers on Brown Kraft Paper.

Collage: Combine and overlay different papers, fabrics, tapes and art materials to create unique 2D and 3D artworks. Draw with Fluoro Oil Pastels on Bulky News Paper and cut sections of the drawing. Glue shapes onto a contrasting background.