MODULE-KL - Online PL Module - Klee
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    MODULE-KL-1 Activity 1 - Painting Exploration
    Explore line and layering transparent colour to create a painting that combines drawing, portraiture and abstraction. Based on Klee’s work Senecio.

    MODULE-KL-2 Activity 2 - Senecio Sculpture
    Create a 3 Dimensional bust sculpture based on Klee's painting Senecio. This activity explores constructing an armature: joining methods, weight, balance and combining different media and materials.

    MODULE-KL-3 Activity 3 - Fish Magic
    Explore and experiment with different mark making effects using food dye and mineral paper. This activity brings together drawing and painting techniques with a focus on play and expanding one's knowledge around materials.

    MODULE-KL-4 Activity 4 - Homage To AD Parnassum 1932
    Create a mixed media homage to Klee's AD PARNASSUM using a variety of materials, skills and methods in image construction. Students will explore collage, drawing, painting and design.

    MODULE-KL-5 Activity 5 - Klee Puppets
    Explore Klee's world of puppets. It is not well known, but Paul Klee made over fifty puppets for his son. This activity uses this area of the artist’s practice as a catalyst to explore sculpture and construction. Students will create a giant finger puppet using similar materials and construction techniques as the artist.

    Kylie Wickham

    Kylie Wickham is a passionate artist and Teacher. She has always loved art and has been drawing from a young age. Kylie has a Bachelor in Fine Arts (R.M.I.T) and a Diploma of Education.

    Kylie began her professional career working on special exhibitions at the NGV including the Van Gogh, Brett Whitely and Matisse exhibitions. Her passion for people, art and culture saw her become a dedicated traveller. For over ten years she balanced working as a secondary art teacher, travelling and working in galleries. During this time Kylie worked for the TATE Gallery in London on several major shows, including the Mondrian and Turner shows.

    Kylie now balances her time between teaching, making art and working as a consultant for Zart. She is currently working on a new Zart Online Professional Learning Series and travels internationally to present Professional learning workshops.

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