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Victorian Curriculum F–10

AusVELS will be replaced by the Victorian Curriculum F–10.
Schools can choose to use AusVELS or the Victorian Curriculum F–10 in 2016.
AusVELS will be archived in December 2016.

Victorian government and Catholic schools are required to use the Victorian Curriculum F–10. Independent schools may use the Victorian Curriculum F–10 as a model and resource for the effective implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

For information on the Australian Curriculum please refer to:

For more information on AusVELS please refer to:

For more information on the Victorian Curriculum F-10 please refer to:

Curriculum Planning Tools

Tools for Developing Units of Work using the Victorian Curriculum F-10

Developing a Visual Arts Unit Template using the Victorian Curriculum F-10 (Word Doc)

Tools for Developing Units of Work using AusVELS

Developing a Visual Arts Unit Template (Word Doc)

The Cross Curriculum Priorities

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ATSIHC - Aboriginal & Torres Strait  (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories & Cultures)

AAEA - Engagement with Asia (Asia & Australia’s Engagement with Asia)

SUST - Sustainability (Sustainability)