Jane Byrne

Contact Details
Ph: 03 9584 1634
Mobile: 0401 091 273
Website: www.janebyrne.com.au

Grad Dip, Fine Art, V.C.A
Grad Dip, Ceramics, Monash
Grad Dip, Teaching, Monash
Mentone Grammar 1998-2006
Artist in School
Art Camp

Preferred Location
Any Location

Preferred Year Levels
Prep - Year 12


Max Darby

Artist in Residence Max Darby Art WorkContact Details
Mobile: 0417 147 402
Email: max@artseducationguru.com

Max Darby is a teacher at various levels and in various art forms in State and Private schools for many years. A practicing artist who is best known perhaps as a curriculum specialist and author. He exhibits and sells his works.
His major works are large oil and acrylic paintings but he also works on a smaller scale when appropriate or needed.
He has a preference for interpreting different environments, particularly landscapes. He has worked on large painted murals representing the local environment of the school's rural community.
He always relates his work to artistic and cultural influences. He has a whole school approach to his programmes, involving students, teachers and parents.
He works in any City or Rural location and he also works at school camps...long and short term projects can be negotiated and undertaken. Click here to view more of Max Darby's work.


Kelly Gatchell Hartley

Contact Details
Mobile: 0425 885 381
Email: art@kellygatchellhartley.com.au
Website: www.kellygatchellhartley.com.au

Kelly has been working as an artist for 6 years, creating art, illustrations and running workshops. She has also worked with children for over 6 years as a teacher’s aide, early childhood educator, and running children’s art workshops.

Current area of expertise
Mixed medium artwork, painting, collage, portraiture, altered books, art dolls, assembledge and more.
Creating art from brought and found/recycled materials.
Creating programmes that challenge and extend children while they have fun.

Preferred locations
Coburg, Brunswick, Pascoe Vale, Fawkner, Reservoir, Preston, Thornbury, Northcote, Fairfield, Alphington, Parkville, Carlton, North Melbourne, Strathmore, Essendon, Airport West.
Willing to travel further for full day programmes.

Preferred year levels
Prep to Grade 6

Claire Humphry-Hunt

Artist in Residence Claire Humphry-Hunt Art WorkContact Details
Ph: 03 9773 3363
Mail: P.O Box 443, Chelsea 3196
Email: Planetclaire7@hotmail.com

Claire has been employed at (Mordialloc/Edithvale – employed by Kingston Council 03) Painting Power Poles.
(Chelsea – work for the Dole Project – Empolyed by Skills Plus)
She is a facililtator of Projects and has a Fine Arts degree (Sculpture).
Also running community art projects for all ages for Normal People and disadvantaged people 20 years or above.
Teaching also at Tafe Art in Psychiatric Prison – Forensic.


Karen Pierce

Contact Details
Ph: 03 5476 2459

Karen is a Qualified art/craft teacher with Primary & Secondary experience.
She is a freelance Artist with Artist in Schools experience.
Karen is a Private Art School Co-ordinator of imaginative school projects specialising in large scale colourful banners and backdrops and is an experienced presenter of entertaining workshops on all aspects of drawing and painting.


Debbie Qadri

Artist in Residence Debbie Qadri Art WorkContact Details
Mobile: 0424 479 475
Email: debbieqadri@hotmail.com
Website: http://debbieharmanqadri.com
Resume: http://debbieharmanqadri.com/resume/

Background & Expertise
Debbie has over twenty years experience as a professional Artist since completing her Art Degree in Tasmania. Cartooning, painting, and ceramics are her main mediums.
(Debbie exhibits using her Maiden name: Harman)
Debbie has experience in teaching ceramics to all year levels and different community groups such as special education. She has carried out many projects in Kindergartens, Primary schools and Secondary Colleges. Debbie specialises in working with communities to make ceramic and mosaic murals. These projects can involve the whole community in making ceramic features which are included in the final artwork. Projects are always tailored to the needs of the community.

Preferred Locations
West side of Melbourne or 40 mins from CBD


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