Seasons & Elements Banners

Term: 3 Year: 2018

This term’s Visual Arts program explored aspects of the inquiry unit 'Continuity and Change' which are linked to the learning areas of Geography and History. This also linked to our previous term’s study of Heidelberg’s local history, including the traditional owners, the Wurundjeri people, who are custodians of our land and waterways. In response to this inquiry unit students created multimedia art pieces.

All the art elements were applied to the banners, with many techniques explored. E.g. We explored a variety of applications in textile painting/printing such as, rolling, dabbing, stippling, dragging, daubing, using brushes and other applicators in to create interesting effects. 
We analyzed how symbolic meanings, or metaphors, are constructed in artworks and applied that thinking to our own artwork. Students worked collaboratively, in stages, over six weeks to create the banners. 

These banners celebrate the change of seasons and elements in our local community and world.

Foundation – Autumn & Earth Banner 
Grade 1/2 – Winter & Water Banner 
Grade 3/4 – Summer & Fire Banner 
Grade 5/6 – Spring & Air Banner/Tree Sculpture

Whole School Project
St Pius X Primary School, Heidelberg West

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