Term: 3 Term Year: 2018

Communication Through Paint  

with Hamish Betts


Suitable for: PRIMARY

Session Times Available: (PM) AFTERNOON SESSION ONLY



An essential workshop for anyone using paint in the classroom!

This workshop is designed to equip educators to teach how to use paint and painting techniques that are appropriate for students of all ages. (Preschool to upper primary). It teaches how to use a variety of painting techniques as well as discuss and communicate through colour and texture. We teach 8 different painting techniques using a variety of tools and strategies.

We will investigate how to talk about artwork, texture and colour. Participants will be equipped with a range of strategies and techniques for interpreting and inferring meaning within artwork, pictures and photographs.



This workshop is only available as part of the Nurturing Creativity Conference on Monday 17th September, 2018.

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Images courtesy of Hamish Betts









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Term: 3 Term Year: 2018

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