Aussie Games Mascots

Create a games mascot that celebrates the flora, fauna and culture of Queensland.


Craft Fun Foam Sheets                  
Card Squares Assorted               
Posca Marker Bullet                       
Wooden Model Stands                 
Supertac Glue             


How to make an Aussie Games Mascot

Step 1.
Use the internet to research the state of Queensland: its icons, landmarks, animals, events and environments. Discuss what shapes and symbols can be used to represent these, e.g., surfing (surfboard), visiting the Giant Pineapple (pineapple shape), theme park (swirls), playing cricket (bat and ball).

Step 2.
Draw and cut a shape to represent a chosen sport or landmark from a Cardboard Square (try to use the entire space of the square).

Step 3.
Decorate this shape with Posca Markers.

Step 4.
Insert the shape into the Wooden Model Stand. Use a small ball of plasticine to keep the shape upright and balanced.

Step 5.
Choose an Australian animal. Draw the animal shape onto a sheet of Fun Foam. Cut, glue and decorate this animal (mascot) with Poscas. Students may choose to add other features to their character including a hat, shirt, thongs, etc.

Step 6.
Glue the mascot character to Wooden Model stand.

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