David Hockney Inspired Artworks

Term: 4 Year: 2017

Students in Year 3 & 4 from Apollo Parkways Primary School had worked through an extensive acrylic painting unit in 2016 and focusing on brush techniques, backgrounds, mixing white to create tints and a 3D appearance. Whole single fruit was the subject. This yea students were keen to further develop the skills, principles, techniques and processes learned through acrylic painting last year and put these concepts into their artworks with David Hockney as the very contemporary and apt inspiration. They explored his artwork through the NGV website and were inspired by his brilliant palette of contrasting and complementary colourful still life works. Students having realised David Hockney had used an iPad for these works were not deterred to meet the challenge by representing their still life plants in a vase or pot with a palette comprising the full colour spectrum of Chromacryl Student acrylic paint, Global Colours fine art student acrylic, cartridge paper and Posca markers to highlight the background, foliage or plant.

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