New Online Professional Development Workshop by Zart Education

You can now watch a Zart Workshop and learn in your own time. Each professionally produced lesson introduces and explores new techniques and materials, and is accompanied by a set of downloadable teacher notes. Classes are sold on subscription….and will expire after the set date etc etc Video lessons are between 15-25mins. Don’t forget to join our Facebook to interact with other participant and share ideas with teachers

Cost: Price will depend on content and length (Currently the price for the first 5 modules is $100 each)


  • Each module includes an overview and 5 art making activities
  • Each 15 min activity focuses on a particular media area (e.g. drawing/painting)
  • Each activity has between 1-2 lessons


Learning Intentions:

  • Engage students by exploring different techniques, materials and processes
  • Know about artists and the way they worked
  • Understand how you can extend your students learning
  • Develop students understanding of art elements, principles and art language
  • Build confidence, curiosity and imagination
  • Have fun


Online modules:
Modules will continually be added to the Online Program. Currently there are 5 topics -
The Masters Series

  • Van Gogh
  • Miro
  • Hundertwasser
  • Monet
  • Klee


How It Works:

  • Purchased online through Zart website
  • Modules are STREAMED, not downloaded (need internet access)
  • Modules are purchased on subscription i.e. 3 month access
  • Each module will come with a PDF DOWNLOAD (Teacher notes, material list)
  • Modules will be open ended, but will state what level would be most appropriate. i.e. lower, middle, or upper primary
  • ZART’s DREAMER steps are used as the structure of the modules (aligned with current curriculum)
  • Clear outlines and module descriptions are provided. Intentions are stated with comments on research, materials, art making, response and display
  • Modules can be used with students as an interactive learning experience


Supporting teachers in creative education
Workshop Booking is reserved for 10mins.