Figurative Sculptures

Term: 3 Year: 2017

Year 8 students from Toorak College explored figurative sculptures.During this unit students investigated the relationship of humanity and our understanding of ourselves through the study of Figurative sculpture; we looked at multitude of materials and techniques.

A collection of initial examples informed ideas for the development of individual expression. The materials and techniques directly related to the needs of the form and was based around a wire armature and the creation of form through the application of ‘paper pulp’. The considerations where: form, proportion, texture, shape, negative and positive space, balance, appropriate materials, techniques and finishes according to the personal taste.

Below is a list of our main considerations in the making of the figure.


·                Formation of the armature

·                Balance of composition

·                Use of movement

·                Application of materials; texture and form

·                Use of negative and positive space

·                Finished work; the overall quality


Artwork provided by Toorak College

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