Mola Art

Term: 3 Year: 2017

In this unit Year 5 and 6 students from Westgarth Primary School explored and responded to the traditional art form of Mola art from Colombia and Panamá. Students will created a collage resembling this traditional art form using coloured paper and thread.

Through this unit students learned the Spanish names for animals from South America. They continued to develop their Spanish vocabulary on the world of art and practicing their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Students researched an animal from Panamá and drew its silhouette on coloured paper. Then they cut and glued some shapes inside the animal.

Finally they sewed around the animal to imitate the original molas, which are sewn on fabric. After that students cut some shapes out of coloured paper to fit around the animal. They cut them into a spiral and trimmed them to leave a gap between the strips to imitate the original molas. Finally they glued them carefully to fill the background.

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Provided by
Marta Munoz
Westgarth Primary School

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