Ned Kelly

Term: 3 Year: 2017

Year 6 students from Mary Immaculate School, were introduce the Art Show theme, “I Love Australia”. The focus was on Australian Icons. First they were asked What is an icon? (Sydney Harbour, ANZACS, Luna Park, Skipping girl, Beach Boxes, Ned Kelly, Flag, etc.)

In the next part of the unit students engaged with the theme: “I Love Australia” and painted an iconic Australian scene. They discussed famous Australian artists particularly Sidney Nolan and his Ned Kelly series and designed a placemat with an Australian icon. Next students learned about famous Australian artists who captured the beauty of our Australian bush and were asked: How could we portray the Australian Bush and complete a group image? From here a collaborative painting with four panels was created.

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Provided by
Judy Matthews
Mary Immaculate School, Ivanhoe

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