Aboriginal Art and Culture
The Koorie Heritage Trust

Available as Morning and Afternoon session.

Led by the Koorie Heritage Trust, this workshop will discuss Aboriginal protocols and their application for teachers across the curriculum and in the classroom. Addressing issues and complexities surrounding identity and cultural knowledge, while exploring the vibrant and diverse art and culture of Australia's First Peoples with a contemporary artist.

Session will include Q&A.

About The Koorie Heritage Trust

The Koorie Heritage Trust emerged from a need for greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of Koorie culture throughout the community, and the immediate need for Koorie cultural heritage material to be controlled, managed and curated by Koorie people. 

The Koorie Heritage Trust at Federation Square takes Koorie peoples, cultures and communities from the literal and figurative fringes of Melbourne to a place that is a central meeting and gathering place for all Victorians. 

The Koori Heritage Trust also offer a range of programs and services including the only public collection in Victoria dedicated solely to Koorie art and culture comprising artefacts, pictures and photographs as well as an Oral History Program and a Reference Library; a cultural education service that includes guided walking tours, cultural competency training and programs developed specifically for schools and educators; an annual exhibition program with an emphasis on showcasing young and emerging Victorian Aboriginal art and artists; and a Koorie Family History Service.


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