Art Ideas: Linking Curriculum 
Critical and Creative Thinking in the Visual Arts

Steve Marks (Art Education Victoria)

Available as Afternoon session only.

The Visual Arts offer the perfect context for developing critical and creative thinking. The workshop will begin by unpacking the Critical and Creative Thinking Capacity and Visual Arts curriculum, exploring how they can complement each other. Following that, we will make connections to research based strategies that will support their implementation. We will deepen our understanding of what learning experiences will deliver the best results and some approaches to using the strategies to assess.



About Steve Marks - President of Art Education Victoria

Steve draws on his experience in working at a range of levels within the system from schools to the state education department. He has worked on a variety of art projects mostly based around the use of digital technologies and thinking skills. He currently works part time at Princes Hill Primary School as an Atelierista (specialist of the studio) in the grade 3/4 learning neighbourhood and is a sessional educator at the National Gallery of Victoria. In his personal art making he loves pursuing ideas regardless of the medium, exploring video manipulation, photography, painting and the odd bit of ceramics. At Art Education Victoria, he leads a team of passionate councillors to support educators in the development of creativity in the lives of young people across Victoria.

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