Mindfulness and Positive Journaling 
Elizabeth Diacos & Louise Dunne

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The workshop invites practitioners to begin with numerous stimuli to foster creativity and creative expression, dream of a Best Possible Self and then use that dream to envisage the future they want, experiencing the tools firsthand as they explore their own life narratives.Dabble, play and explore with Art techniques, writing prompts and other stimuli such as music and poetry to help get the creative juices flowing and promote self-expression. Create an artwork that represents you at your best.

Workshop participants will walk away with techniques for generating creative thinking in themselves and others, notes outlining the Positive Journalling process and an artefact to keep which then serves as a touchstone or talisman: a reminder and test of their ideas, and a stimulus to ongoing action.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Diacos (MAPP) is a Melbourne (Australia)-based Performing and Visual Arts teacher and founder of Larksong Enterprises. Elizabeth works in the field of Arts and Positive Psychology with an emphasis on the use of the Arts as a means of fostering creative prospection and wellbeing.   Elizabeth and Louise Dunne, met while studying the MAPP at the University of Melbourne, and together, they developed the intervention of Positive Journalling. Using a combination of creative exercises, Appreciative Inquiry exercises and Best Possible Self exercises with an emphasis on creative and visual responses, this process encourages the development of visual and literary creativity. Elizabeth is particularly interested in the potential use of Positive Journalling with adolescents as it can enable the development of a positive vision for their futures.  
She is an experienced printmaker and ceramicist and teaches art and beginners’ ukulele classes in community settings, just for fun.

About Louise

Louise Dunne (MAPP) is an accomplished educator and leader with experience across a range of school and tertiary institutions. She has a passion for working with young people and education professionals to identify strengths and opportunities to achieve personal, educational and professional goals. Inspired by her life experiences as well as post graduate studies in student wellbeing and positive psychology, Louise is passionate about supporting others to flourish by imagining and realising their best possible future via coaching and self-change interventions.

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