Creative Mindful Moments 
Sandra Harwood

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In this fast paced society we often find ourselves in autopilot; our reactive thoughts and actions rule us as we rush from activity to activity. Research shows that Mindful practices and being present increases our awareness, helps us improve the way we respond to stress and increases our quality of life. In addition, when we create daily mindful moments, we are better able to enrich our understanding, compassion and connection with each other and ourselves.

As educators, Mindfulness complements our efforts to teach and support student independence, motivation, persistence, patience, interactions and resilience. Mindful practices help strengthen students’ ability to pay attention, process information and develop the skills to self-managing thoughts, emotions and actions. 

In this workshop, Sandra will share a brief overview of how our brain works and the benefits of being present. You will explore how to create mindful moments in and out of the classroom and how mindful language can improve our awareness and wellbeing. These concepts will be supported by guided painting and collage meditations.

About Sandra

Sandra Harwood has a Bachelor in Education, Diploma in Early Childhood, and is a qualified Personal Trainer and Life Coach. Sandra currently runs a Mindfulness program for children and staff at St Christopher’s Primary School. In her 27 years of teaching, Sandra has taught in all areas of the curriculum from foundation to grade six, including being an Art Specialist for 7 of those years; she has a ground level understanding of the daily pressures teachers face.

Sandra has facilitated Mindfulness and Well-Being Workshops for principals, leaders, staff and parents. She is on the Mercy Hospital for Women’s Advisory Committee and assists in facilitating family workshops for VARTA (Victorian, Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority). Her passion for mindfulness comes from having faced and overcome adversities and a desire to enhance our perceptions and abilities towards enjoying all life has to offer. Sandra is currently in the process of publishing a book about mindful strategies that enable us to tap into our inner dialogue as a means to improve our overall well-being.

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