Exploring Curriculum and Outcomes
for Special Education

Kristen Versteege-Brown

Available as Morning session only.

Join Kristen for a closer look at how to put together and plan an art module for special education students. Kristen will guide you through the art making and materials used for engaging special needs students. Outcomes, work reflection and response will be discussed.

About Kristen

Kristen is a highly passionate and dedicated educationalist and activist for individuals with disabilities, through her involvement in a multiple of educational and life opportunities for children and young adults. Kristen has worked in Special Education for 20 years including 15 years at Glenroy Specialist School, highly committing herself to PMLD children; those with physical multiple and learning disabilities. Kristen is a PLT leader with qualifications of a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Special Education. 

Kristen had been a sort-after presenter and co-presenter at workshops and symposiums relating to the Arts; demonstrated further within a wide variety of personal and professional endeavours.

Kristen feels and breathes sensory experiences for children in the world of the Arts where the process over archers the product; ensuring equality, inclusion and access for the individual regardless of ability.

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