Flowers for Hockney:
Still Life with the iPad

Dee Zabel

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Following the magnificent Hockney exhibiton at The NGV, this workshop will focus on using the drawing/painting application 'Brushes Redux' to create still life images inspired by David Hockney. Participants will be shown how to use layers, adjust brush sizes and change colours within the program.

*Please bring a charged iPad with the latest operating system and ‘Brushes Redux’ application already downloaded. A general knowledge of how to use the iPad is recommended.

About Dee

Born in the USA, Dee decided to migrate to Australia after a semester at Monash University in 2002. She completed her degree in Fine Arts at Hampshire College in 2004 and returned to Monash to do a Dip Ed.  In 2005 Dee started working at Wycheproof P-12 College and thought she would last a year but ended up staying until 2009.  While there she taught P-10 Art, VCE Studio Art & Art, Year 7 Maths, 7/8 PE and Year 10 Health and Careers.  Dee was also involved in the town's progress Committee, Wyche Vision, and received the Young Citizen of the Year award in 2007 for her involvement with the Wycheproof Show, creation of the town website and brochure, billboards and school magazine.  Dee ran an Artist in Schools program in 2008 (with street artists) and it was covered by the Education Times, Oz student and OZ teacher magazine and the Herald Sun.  In 2009 she left Wycheproof and moved back to Melbourne to teach at Canterbury Primary School.  Dee exhibited work in the Zart Art Student Gallery in 2005, 2010 and 2011 and wrote two articles for the Zart Extra. In 2011, she presented her Artist in Schools program at the Zart Art Street Art Forum. Following this presentation, she left teaching to join the Zart Art team.

Artwork courtesy Dee Zabel

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