Miro's Magic! 
Kylie Wickham

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Kylie will also be presenting Paul Klee's Phenomenal Finger Puppets! in the morning

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When life is getting too serious and learning has lost its fun it's time to go Miro! Join Kylie in rediscovering your inner child. How do you get a child to relax, join in and have fun? Simple, go Miro!

You will learn how to have fun with your students whilst learning serious art and getting seriously great results. Miro, with his magical creatures, symbols and bold use of primary colours is the medicine. Learn how to let go, work in groups and create large-scale works for fabulous school displays.

This engaging class will teach you how to get your students to let go of preciousness and indecision whilst helping build confidence and relationships.

This non-threatening lesson will have you relaxed and creating in no time. You will walk away understanding a little more about one of the world's greatest masters, MIRO!

This is an example of Zart’s new professional development online art series 'Masters and Art Elements' coming your way soon! Sample a new way to learn!

About Kylie

Kylie Wickham is a passionate artist and Teacher. She has always loved art and has been drawing from a young age. Kylie has a Bachelor in Fine Arts (R.M.I.T) and a Diploma of Education.

Kylie began her professional career working on special exhibitions at the NGV including the Van Gogh, Brett Whitely and Matisse exhibitions. Her passion for people, art and culture saw her become a dedicated traveller. For over ten years she balanced working as a secondary art teacher, travelling and working in galleries. During this time Kylie worked for the TATE Gallery in London on several major shows, including the Mondrian and Turner shows.

Kylie now balances her time between teaching, making art and working as a consultant for Zart. She is currently working on a new Zart Online Professional Learning Series and travels internationally to present Professional learning workshops.

Artwork courtesy Kylie Wickham


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