Tonal Drawing: Perceptions of Reality 
Adam Cusack

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Spend some time learning how lighting a subject can add depth of meaning and unwritten narratives to an artwork. Using a range of drawing materials and techniques master draughtsman Adam Cusack will share some of the hard earned lessons from a career spanning 32 years at the drawing board.

Australian Artist Adam Cusack (Winner - 2016 Jacaranda Drawing Award) will lead a hands on workshop focused on creating realism through the moulding of light and shadow in drawing.

About Adam
'The act of making something to 'look real' is not what's necessarily important to the work. However, I have found that spending time on rendering the subject gives value to the idea, which in turn allows the audience to consider it's 'unrealism' and engage with my practice'

Adam Cusack’s practice explores ideas of authenticity and identity in popular culture. Using a process of conceptual development, photography then drawing or painting to realize the artwork, Adam is interested in showing real things in provocative ways; assembling unrelated objects together to bring about relationships that challenge the perception of the original items. His creative approach honors the traditional picture plane utilising simple methods, applying charcoal or pigment on the prepared surface.

Artwork courtesy Adam Cusack

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