Gallery Term 2 2017 Toorak College

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The Year 4 students from Toorak College linked learning through the Unit of Inquiry ‘Where we are in place and time’ through an exploration of map art.

To support the classroom learning, Year 4 students explored and experimented with a variety of mixed media to create a composition akin to an aerial map. 

They observed and discussed the organic compositions of John Wolseley and John Olsen with the focus on line, colour, texture and shape. 

The students then steered the coloured ink to create the segments or roads, in a chance composition to prepare for the worked areas of mixed media experimentation.  Some segments were cut, allowing the worked areas to be displayed in a type of window mount. 

The Journey evolved whilst the students explored various media with unconventional methods and approaches.

The elements of Art in focus were form, shape, pattern, colour and texture.

Artwork Provided by
Petra Glaser