Gallery Term 2 2017 Ivanhoe Grammar School Buckley House

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Year 6 students from Ivanhoe Grammar School, Buckley House explored still life drawing through a range of drawing exercises.

During their first session they did warm up activities that included timed drawing challenges of a tea cup.

These included a 30 second drawing of a teacup with no visual clues, a 2 minute drawing of a teacup with their opposite hand and a 5 minute continuous line drawing. In the second week students viewed a still life arrangement of teacups and teapots.

They sketched the still life from different perspectives while considering the light source. After collecting sticks from outside, they used the stick dipped in ink to draw their still life. During the last session students created shadow effects using charcoal. Silver foil was also added for interesting effect.

Their drawing were cut out and arranged on paper, teabags were added and painted using metallic marker to complete artwork.

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Sofi Tsolakis