Gallery Term 2 2017 Grahamvale

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Year 3/4 students from Grahamvale Primary School had been learning about Indigenous Australia in their classrooms and extended their learning into our Art Studio time. Many skills and processes were used whilst creating and making.

Recycled cardboard was cut into an oval shape and overlapped at top and bottom to give a 3D elongation. Students then investigated different types of mask features and modelled a long nose, mouth, eyes and eyebrows on the lower part of the mask using PVA mixed with toilet paper.

Once dry the mask was covered in coloured tissue paper as an alternative to painting or colouring with markers. The fun continued with paint markers and metallic markers to add all the decorative lines and colour on top.

Some students chose to add Zart Modelling Foam and Washi Tape into their designs.

Artwork Provided by
Lyn Rogers
Grahamvale Primary School