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Ceramic Spoons and Spears

Year 9 students from Epping Secondary College are introduced to basic the coiling method. Creating pottery does not to be a long drawn out process, teaching simple techniques can have a finished product within minutes.

Coiling is often more difficult to master then the students anticipate so students now make the spears/sticks to learn the technique.

This teaches the students basic coil techniques and allows them to experience the tactile requirements needed to work the pliable material. Once the technique is mastered there is no need to build the coils up to make a pot, the uniformed coil itself is manipulated and used as an art work.

This is enhanced by the by the surface decoration and application of oxides and glazes.
We later use the coils to shape clay into beautiful decorative spoons.

These techniques have been used for many thousands of years, ranges from Africa to Greece and from China to New Mexico.

Artwork Provided by
Anna Butera