Gallery Term 2 2017 Epping Primary School

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Still Life Drawings

Year 5 & 6 students from Epping Primary School explored drawing forms though a range of materials and techniques.

They discussed basic 3D shapes- cubes, spheres and cylinders; look at photos and physical objects before first using Conté Crayon and charcoal to explore shading to add the illusion of form to sketches.

Next they discussed and explored complementary & harmonious colours. Working from a photo of fruit, they were shown techniques used to render a 3D image with soft pastels: starting with shape, adding shade and light and building layers of colour on Kraft Paper. During the next activity students looked at and discussed examples of still life by a variety of artists.

They were given a selection of objects and were asked to notice the basic 3D shapes of the objects (spheres, cubes, cylinders). Students choose three objects, thinking about varying size, shape and texture.

They arranged these to create a still life composition and photograph these. Students then use Conté Crayon to sketch their chosen object from observation.

The last part of this drawing unit involved working from photographs taken of their compositions. Students created an oil pastel still life “masterpiece” on Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper.

They were encouraged to choose the colour of their paper to complement their composition.

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