Mineral Paper Exploration

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Mineral Paper


Mineral Paper is a unique surface and is different from synthetic paper. Tear and water resistant, it does not wrinkle and can be used on both sides. Mineral Paper accepts any media wet or dry and the bright white surface allows for crisp lines and saturated colours. Mineral Paper does not have a plastic feel and has just the right amount of absorbency for a wide variety of creative techniques. Use an Inkjet Printer to experiment with altering and working back into images.

Mineral Paper printed through an Inkjet Printer  |  Food Dye on Mineral Paper  |  Liquid Crayons on Mineral Paper


 Step-by-Step: Mineral Paper Printed through an Inkjet Printer

Step One
Use an Inkjet Printer to print an image. Ensure your ink IS NOT fast drying or smudge proof, otherwise this technique will not work as well. 


Step Two
Use an atomizer to lightly spray water onto the image – is will cause the ink to move and run. Less is best.
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Step Three
Use an Aquash Brush to make controlled water marks on your image and move the printed ink.
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Step Four
The finished piece will demonstrate amazing watery effects.

 Step-by-Step: Food Dye onto Mineral Paper

Eco Colour Food Dye applied with a brush moves and blends beautifully on Mineral Paper. Allow colours to mix on the paper by starting with a lighter colour and blending a darker colour into it. 


Sprinkle Rock Salt on to the wet Food Dye for interesting results. 
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Mist with a light spray of water to push inks around the page and create feathered effects.
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Hand Sanitiser
Dot, scrape, or swipe hand sanitiser on the end of a Satay Stick on the wet Food Dye.
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 Step-by-Step: Liquid Crayons on Mineral Paper

Step One
Draw a image or design on Mineral Paper using Liquid Crayons.


Step Two
Use an Aquash Brush or water pot and brush to move the pigment and create a watercolour effect. An atomizer with water can also be used. 


Step Three
Apply Fill in the background by drawing small areas with the Liquid crayons and applying water to spread the pigment.


Step Four
The completed artwork can be left to dry and then displayed.
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Mineral Paper Pad A4 20's
Mineral Paper A3 20's
Artline Liquid Crayons 12's Asst
Rock Salt 500g
Aqua Brush Set Asst 8's
Food Dye Eco Colour 500ml Kelly Green
Food Dye Eco Colour 500ml Bright Orange
Food Dye Eco Colour 500ml Brilliant Pink
Food Dye Eco Colour 500ml Purple
Food Dye Eco Colour 500ml Brilliant Red
Food Dye Eco Colour 500ml Turquoise Blue
Food Dye Eco Colour 500ml Bright Yellow
Satay Stick / Skewer 20cm 100's
Fine Mist Sprayer
Spray Mister 25's
EverZart Permanent Pen Black 20's