Foto Transfer Potch

Foto Transfer Potch (GZ170) is the easy way to transfer your images (photos, artwork, and even text!) on to a range of surfaces! This water-based medium works on canvas, wood, glass, porcelain, fabric (hand wash) and candles.

 Step-by-Step: Foto Transfer Potch

Step One
Reverse image and print on a laser printer. Cut out your image. 
Step Two
Mark out on your surface where you will be placing the image. 
Step Three
Apply a thick layer of Foto Potch using a brush.
Step Four
Place the image face down on to the Foto Potch.
Step Five
Squeegee out excess Foto Potch and wipe away with a damp cloth. Leave to dry for 24 hours. NB: A hair dryer can be used but please ensure it is completely dry; this is not suitable for candles.
Step Six
Use a spray bottle of water to wet down your image. Soak the paper thoroughly and repeatedly.
Step Seven
Gently rub away the paper fibres being careful not to pull off the image as well. 
Step Eight
When dry your image will have a thin coating of paper fibres. Repeat Step six and seven if necessary. 
Step Nine
Once dry, any remaining paper fibres can be hidden by applying a layer of Foto Transfer Potch Varnish.

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