The Bollard Project

Term: 2 Year: 2016

Mid 2015, students at Holy Family Primary School embarked on a project for an outdoor space; a series of seven bollards installed in a small, but empty space - outside our school’s Learning Centre.

I made an application to Bunnings in North Geelong for some funding towards the project and this was used to purchase the bollards.

Two grades were chosen to work on each bollard, using recycled materials and a theme of their choice. The Foundation students teamed up with their respective Year 3/4 buddies, the four Year 1/2's and 5/6's paired up with a class in their own level. The themes chosen were ‘Under the sea’, ‘The Australian bush’, ‘Four seasons’, ‘Indigenous Australia’ and ‘Geelong near the sea’.

Work began towards the end of Term Three with an allowance of five release days for me to work with the students, some interested parents and teachers. The Year 5/6 students designed and executed their own bollards with assistance from their enthusiastic teachers.

Zart was very helpful in connecting me with other art teachers, sourcing suitable outdoor materials to withstand various weather conditions, and ideas for installing materials. We used many Zart products: Viponds Paints, Zart Discovery materials and a variety of armature wires. We also collected recycled materials, plastic bottles, stones, shells, mosaic tiles, sand and wood off-cuts to use on the bollards.

After painting the bollards with Viponds Paint, the children drew designs and sketches for their bollards. These were refined to incorporate some two and three-dimensional materials. The students then worked, with guidance, during art classes and lunchtimes to complete the preparation of materials and painting of the bollards. Assembling and completing the bollards involved the challenge of working in different weather conditions, class times and maneuvering around the bollards with small groups of students, especially with the younger students.

The benefits of planning and implementing a large scale project are the many forms of learning that occur: working in teams, collaborating, designing, being inventive, as well as covering many of the skills in the Arts curriculum.

The students, parents and teachers enjoyed contributing to and making the bollards. It was a memorable and enjoyable school community project which has enhanced the students learning and contributed to the outdoor space at Holy Family Primary School.

Ingrid Reed 
Art teacher Year 1-6 and Art Coordinator
Holy Family Primary School, Bell Park

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