Book Sculptor

Term: 1 Year: 2016

Nicholas Jones has been working with old, unwanted books since graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in 1997. His unique sculpture practice revolves around questioning the place of the book in contemporary Australian culture.

Jones’ work is concerned with issues of beauty, practicality and personal history. An avid reader and collector of books, Jones considers his work to be “provocative and that it tears at the traditional fabric of what is deemed acceptable in society”. His works are love songs to each of the forgotten books he chooses to work with.

For many years Nicholas Jones has been running small workshops for both students and teachers, where he focuses on the materiality and terrific potential of each book which falls into his hands. The possibilities for book alteration are limitless, but the workshops will be focused on a few simple techniques which will give teachers the tools to develop programmes and lesson plans stemming from this idea of book sculpture.

Folding, tearing and cutting into books has allowed him to reveal new stories and repurpose objects that might otherwise be discarded.Every year many thousands of books end up in landfills. Through his workshops, participants learn how to turn books into sculptures as a brilliant way of recycling this plentiful and cheap resource. Using books also gives teachers the scope to develop cross curricular projects which look at Art, Science, Geography and Literature and the future of the written word.

Nicholas will be facilitating a workshop at Zart for teachers during Term 1. There will be an artist talk, demonstrations and discussions, as part of an exciting day of professional development. Teachers are encouraged to bring along a bag of old, unwanted hardback books, of around 200 pages, to experiment with during the workshop. Look for books with interesting titles, subjects, patterned covers and inside endpapers.
Nicholas is also available to do Artist in Residence Programmes at your school. For more information on Nicholas Jones:

Altered Books Workshop with Nicholas Jones
Date: Tuesday, 1st March 2016
Time: 9.20am–3.00pm

Supporting teachers in creative education
Workshop Booking is reserved for 10mins.