Art Walk

Term: 4 Year: 2015

Throughout Term 1, students from the ELC4 – Year 6 at Cornish College, Bangholme, inquired into how the visual arts are used to express our observations of the natural environment. 

Students explored all areas of the natural environment in and around the 100 acres of college grounds, observing everything from sunflowers to trees. A temporary art room was set up near the lake in the school grounds allowing the students to paint, draw and collage outside, whilst closely observing the environment.

Students began their inquiry with observational drawings inspired by the artwork of the Impressionists, the Fauves, Anselm Kiefer and others. They explored techniques such as printmaking, painting, drawing, collage and batik to express their observations of the natural environment. 

At the completion of the unit, the finished works were exhibited in the beautiful surroundings in which they were created. The Cornish College Art Walk featured over 300 pieces of artwork mounted and placed on trees, fences and easels, along a 2km walk around the school property. Parents and families were provided with an exhibition guide and a map outlining the location of the artworks. 

The weather for the walk presented a challenge or two, with a cold wind accompanying visitors as they explored the natural gallery - but fortunately it didn’t rain.

Despite the 17kms walked around the grounds that day setting up the exhibition, seeing the pieces displayed in the surrounds in which they were inspired, added a new dimension to the exhibition, and was very well received by the school and wider community.

Bex Hinton
Visual Arts Teacher
Cornish College

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