Wire Techniques

 Wire TechniquesCreating Coils

Step One
Wrap armature wire around a dowel rod to create coils.
Step Two
Slide the dowel rod out when desired length is achieved. Round Pliers can also be used to create coils or rounded shapes.

 Wire Techniques:Cutting

Tip One
Always hold one side of the wire and point the smaller side down towards the table to prevent the cut piece from flying up. 

Tip Two
Thin wires can be cut using old scissors. (Soft Wires, Flat Wires, 1.5mm Armature Wire, Craft Wires and Florist/Rainbow wires). 
Tip Three
Use wire cutters for thicker wires (3mm Armature wire)

 Wire Techniques: Joining Flat Wire

Step One
Flat Wire can be joined to round wire. Bend the flat wire around the round wire.
Step Two
Use flat nosed pliers to crimp the flat wire and secure it to the round wire.

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