Construction Foam

A3 sheets of foam ideal for construction. Easy to cut and glue with Supertac, Craft Glue or Low Melt Glue Gun. Construct and decorate with paint or collage. Use the Polycutter to cut out display letters, numerals and other shapes.

 Tips & Techniques: Construction Foam

For clean cut right angle edges ideal for when joining foam, use a sharp cutting knife. Always use a steel rule and a cutting mat. Foam may also be cut with sharp scissors. 
Cutting Curves
For complex and curvy shapes a Polycutter is recommended. 
Bending (Step One)
To allow the Construction Foam to curve and bend, first make multiple shallow cuts into the surface. Set cutting depth of the blade to avoid overcutting. 
Bending (Step Two)
Bend foam so that the cuts are on the inner side of curve. Bend carefully to avoid breaking.
Connect pieces using  Supertac or Low Melt Glue. Masking tape can temporarily hold pieces together as glue dries.
Pins provide additional strength to glued edges. Alternatively, use pins on their own to quickly & easily piece together a structure. 
Joining with Slots
Pieces can be slotted together to create more complex models. 
Layering Sculptures
Foam can be layered to create thicker pieces. 
Add Surface Texture
Use a wooden scratch tool, a pencil or textured rolling pins to create a relief in the Foam's surface. Great for roof tiles or brick/stone work effects etc.
Collage Surface
Cover surface with Pattern Paper and adhesive papers to create bold design decoration. 
Paint & Draw
Construction Foam can be Painted and drawn on using Copic Markers, inks, permanent markers & pens.

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