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Jewellery Exploration


 Exploration: Jewellery Making

Make Your Own Beads
Use Sculpey to create your own beads. Thread a hole through the beads prior to baking them in an oven. 


Charms Bracelet
Create charms using modelling media. Alternatively use Shrinky Dinks for transparent and novel trinkets (pictured). 


Thread handmade beads onto Leather or Hemp Cord to create a striking necklace. For bracelets, thread beads onto Stretch Beading Cord for more flexibility. 


Wire Earrings
Soft Wire is very easy to manipulate without tools.
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Wire Ring
Use Soft Wire to create unique jewellery pieces.
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Flat Wire Ring
Flat wire is great for twisting and creating unique jewellery.
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Earrings with Sculpey
Create small models or shapes for drop or post and stud earrings. 


Beading Wire Necklaces
Senior students may experiment with more complex beading and threading pieces. 


Porcelain (Potato) Clay Earrings
Model simple shapes and poke holes with a needle prior to drying. Embellish with stitchery.


Sculpey Brooches
Flatten balls of Sculpey and cut designs using cookie cutters. Imprint surface with textural plates and stamps. 


Magiclay Brooch
Imprint designs and patterns into Magiclay surface. Once dry, Magiclay can then  be stitched. Glue a Brooch Back on to the reverse side. 


Unisex Bracelets
Explore plaiting and weaving Friendship Bracelet Cord, Leather Cord or Leather Lacing to create wearable bracelets. 


Creative Soft Wire 60m Asst
Friendship Bracelet Cord Asst 50m
Leather Lacing 10m x 3.5mm Black
Paper Magiclay 240g White - Canister
Glass Seed Beads 100g Assorted
Armature Wire Flat 12m Asst
Magiclay Porcelain/Potato Clay 300g
Jewellery Findings 300's Stackable
Jewellery Chain Heavy 1mt 5's Silver
Leather Cord 1.5mm x 50m Black
Shrink Film 210 x 297mm Clear 6's
Sculpey Texture Sheet 2's Edgy
Sculpey Texture Sheet 2's Landscape
Stranded Cotton 24's Asst
Sculpey III Samplers 12's - Brights
Sculpey III Samplers 12's - Pearls & Pastels