Armatures Tips

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Step One
Use Armature Wire to create the basic skeleton for the artwork. 


Step Two
Wrap newspaper around the wire and secure with masking tape to pad out the structure. The more padding, the less surface material required 


 Armatures: Poly Shapes & Wire

Step One
Attach Poly Shapes together using a toothpick. Use Supertac on both ends to secure. 


Step Two
Use a satay stick to poke holes in the Poly shape. Insert wire into the holes and secure with masking tape 


Step Three
Continue adding wire until you are happy with the form.  


Step Four
Cover the armature with a thin layer of Magiclay to add bulk and smooth over the the suface.


Step Five
Add detail by pressing in items such as wire mesh to create texture. 


Step Six
Allow to dry. Your armature is now complete and ready to decorate. 


 Armatures: Poly & Cardboard Shapes

Step One
Use masking tape to secure poly shapes to cardboard. 


Step Two
Press down masking tape to sit flat on the form. 


Step Three
Continue adding to the form until you are happy with the shape.



Cardboard Cone 7.5cm Small 10's
Cardboard Cone 12cm Medium 10's
Cardboard Cone 18cm Large 10's
Poly Balls 2.5" - 60mm 10's
Poly Balls 1.5" - 40mm 10's
Flex-it Mesh 50cm x 3m Medium
Paper Magiclay 240g White - Canister
Armature Wire 1.5mm 175m
Armature Wire 3.0mm 50m
Toothpick 200's
Masking Tape 50m x 18mm
Masking Tape 50m x 24mm
Supertac Glue 550ml