Stencil Making

Stencil Making: Ezy Cut Stencil Paper

Step One
Choose an image. 
Step Two
Use image editing software (Photoshop, Procreate App etc) to resize image as required and then remove the background. 
Step Three
Duplicate the image on to a new layer and isolate the highlights. Repeat this step to create a layer for the mid tones and then the shadows. Print off individual layers.  
Step Four
Place graphite paper and image on top of Ezy Cut Stencil Paper and secure with masking tape. Trace over the areas of the image to cut out.
Step Five
Check that the lines are tracing through to the Ezy Cut Stencil Paper.
Step Six
Create “bridges” on the Ezy Cut Stencil Paper to make sure areas of the stencil do not fall out.
Step Seven
Use a stencil knife to cut out the stencil. Make sure your other hand is always in front of the cutting hand. Cut out all layers of your stencil – Highlights, mid tones and shadows.
Step Eight
Your stencils are now ready to be used. To see the rest of this project, click the spray paint link below.

See how to Spray Paint using this stencil

Stencil Making: Acetate

Step One
Secure the acetate to the image using masking tape. 
Step Two
Use a Stay Anywhere Pen to trace the image on to the acetate. 
Step Three
Lift the acetate up to make sure all of the image has been traced.  
Step Four
Cut out the stencil safely.

See how to Spray Paint using this Stencil

Stencil Making: Cover Paper

Step One
Secure your image with masking tape in the centre of a sheet of Cover Paper. 
Step Two
Cut out the image making sure to cut through both layers of paper. 

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