Centre Displays Book Week

Book Week Displays in The Centre

Connect to Reading

The Book Week theme for 2014 is Connect to Reading and the team in The Centre came up with a wonderful visual stimulus to represent the theme.

Inspired by Dr Suess, this whimsical display greets customers as they enter the centre.

Read Across the Universe

A large space mural was displayed in The Centre to celebrate the Book Week theme for 2013 Read Across the Universe. The mural's background was created by splattering bright colours of paint onto a black background - producing an ideal background for a night sky.

Other features were added to encourage viewers to find out more about space exploration and the wonders of the universe! An eye-catching display which was simple to create!

One World, Many Stories

In celebration of the Book Week theme for 2011, provided by the CBCA - One World, Many Stories - the team in The Centre created an interactive display... it was both a display and a reading corner. Children were able to sit down on the bean bag and read picture books, whilst the adults could shop for their art materials!

The display consisted of paper collage, paint and mixed media all combined to create this striking and inviting area which would be great for many classrooms.


Across the Story Bridge

In 2010, the CBCA provided us with yet another inspiring theme for Book Week: Across the Story Bridge.

The team in The Centre went all out to re-create the artwork from our Book Week publication cover in a 3D form. From collages of backgrounds and characters to the 3D constructed bridge that protruded out from the display was an absolute winner!

The careful detail and effort that went into it was all worth it! Many positive comments were made from visitors during it’s time in the foyer.

Book Safari

In 2009, the Book Week theme provided by the CBCA was Book Safari! The team in the centre created an amazing display of three silhouetted animal figures against a bright sunset sky.

The giraffe, meerkat and warthog were cut from Black Foam Core Board and given large joggle eyes. The backdrop was a sheet of Tyvek painted with Chromacryl paint in sunset colouring. The plant was constructed from tree branches which were spray painted in black and placed in a terracotta clay block.

The overall look was very striking and contemporary - a great idea to replicate for a range of themes!