Centre Displays Community

Community Displays in The Centre

Giant Jigsaw Display

In 2014 Zart was excited to launch the new Cardboard Mural Jigsaw display in The Centre. Staff members at Zart were invited to decorate a piece of the jigsaw in any medium they liked and any subject matter of their choice.

The outcome was quite striking – so many different ideas and unique styles made up the complete jigsaw. Sometimes it’s great to allow such freedom and the results will pay off. Of course, the Mural Jigsaw is also ideal for a collaborative project with pieces that actually fit together!

Mali in My School Project

The Zart Mali sculpture was created to help participants in the Melbourne Zoo's "Mali in my School" Program decorate their own elephants. Our theme was endangered animals around the globe. Each continent was painted in a different colour and contains an endangered animal from the region. Each animal has been created using a different material and technique.

The storyboard behind Mali shows the design process and is also colour coordinated to match the colours of the continents. Our Mali was on display at the Melbourne Zoo and then in The Centre! Well done to the Zoo for organising such a memorable project!

Pinwheels for Peace

To celebrate the International Day of Peace in 2011, Zart took a part in the the "Pinwheels for Peace" project to make a visual statement about peace!

Visitors to The Centre were invited to contribute to our pinwheel display to promote world peace. Many people were happy to create a pinwheel from the range of Zart papers provided and display it with the rest.

This display was a fun and colourful group project with a strong message!

The Community Tree

To celebrate the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures in 2010, the team in The Centre constructed a blank Community Tree. This was to become covered in hand shapes as visitors to The Centre were invited to write their name on a paper hand and stick it on a branch. People could share a message or story on their hand shape if they wished.

The tree's branches gradually became covered in hands and the overall look was very impressive! It was a wonderful project to bring people together and celebrate the diverse range of cultures in Australia.