Theme Based Displays in The Centre

Under the Sea!

Who doesn't love a good 'under the sea' mural? This display allowed our team to utilise a wide range of
both new products and some old Zart favourites.

The background was created using cartridge paper
and Chromacryl acrylic paint to create a nice
marine ombre effect. We used some glass stones
to suggest bubbles and our marine life were made
from patterned papers, poster colour paints,
supermix oil pastels, kindy glitz, shimmer paint,
polystyrene shapes, scratch sea shapes and lots
more! We even spray painted some of our sensory
vine to resemble sea weed!

A great project for children or adults of any age!

Glasgow Commonwealth Games

For much of 2014, a Commonwealth Games display was on show to get visitors to The Centre all inspired for The Games in July-August!

The four posters were all stand-outs on their own but worked together beautifully as a group display! Each unique poster explored a different technique/medium including paper collage, intricate paper cut-out, printmaking and felt collage.

London Olympic Games

The modern Olympic Games is still in essence about the best athletes competing to win titles; however, enveloping this sporting event is a celebration of a city and a culture.

In The Centre, a large mural was displayed, showcasing London as one of the most diverse, dynamic and intriguing cities in the world. This was a great display which encompassed different media and skill levels to suit classroom, library and art teachers.


Play Based Learning

To celebrate Zart's new initiative in 2012, specialising in early learning and early years of primary education as well as it's other areas of education, a large collaged mural was displayed in the foyer.

It showcased a range of new and exciting products aimed at younger children. It was a great display of some of the fantastic media availalble as well as being a sensory explosion of colour and texture. An easy mural to create which looks fantastic!

Asian Studies

In 2011, Zart focused on Asian Studies exploring Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia. In the foyer of The Centre a huge mural was collaged from a range of decorative and textured papers - all available from Zart! Some papers used were Beautex Paper, Animal Print Display Paper, Dye Paper, Pattern Paper Plant, Bark Paper, Oriental Decorative Paper ...just to name a few!

The amazing mural featured an orangutan, tiger, frog, butterflies, birds, dragonflies and of course, elephants. Each were collaged in a different way, keeping the design fresh and colourful!

The mural was absolutely stunning and very well received by visitors to The Centre. It was such a shame wheh the time came to take it down!

Australian Studies

In 2011, to celebrate our great nation, the team in The Centre created this amazing display of an Australian landscape and a selection of our Australian themed art poster packs.

Celebrating Cultures & Communities

The annual Expo and Clearance Sale in 2010 was focussed on celebrating Cultures and Communities. Visitors were invited to join our team in decorating a figure to become part of the foyer installation of the Customer Service Centre.

Attendees could also enjoy free hands-on mini workshops with our team using a variety of media and techniques in exploring aspects of different cultures. This was a great theme which could be extended beyond the art room. Demonstrations included Doll Making, Visual Stories, Picture Maps, Totems, Pyramids, Tube People and Jewellery making.

About Time!

In 2009, the theme for the annual Expo & Clearance Sale was About Time, based on all things time related. A life-sized time machine was constructed and exhibited in the foyer to welcome all those who attended the Expo!

This creation was an absolute hit with all visitors and we received a lot of positive feedback from many who attended the day!

Beijing Olympic Games

To celebrate the games in 2008, The Centre displayed a large poster in the foyer. Naturally, the mural contained hints of Asia seeing as the host city was Beijing.

This was a simple yet very eye-catching and bright mural! The stadium looked fantasitc and the crowd - made from Paper Fold-Out Dolls - were very effective.

Shoe Revue

The annual Clearance Day Sale of 2008 was based around the theme: Shoe Revue! A large shoe was constructed and exhibited in the foyer of The Centre - it was an extremely eye-catching and colourful display and we received some great feedback throughout the day.

The day was a success, with many people snapping up a few bargains and joining in on the free hands-on workshops and product demonstrations.

Elements of Art

To celebrate the launch of the Elements of Art - Art Poster Pack in 2008, The Centre created a wonderful display dedicated to this new art pack and the elements of art explored in the pack: Colour, Line, Space, Texture and Line!

Visitors were invited to touch the textured Magiclay sheets on display as a sensory experience and all the images from the pack were on display for all to see.