Centre Displays Easter_Christmas

Christmas & Easter Displays in The Centre

Easter Bunny Hideaway

Leading up to Easter in 2014, our busy team in The Centre were working away on an amazing Easter Bunny Hideaway to be displayed in the foyer!

This wonderful display had small peep-holes to look through and see what all the bunnies were up to in their burrows! All made from Zart materials, these minature rooms were crafted with great care and attention to detail; the kitchen, the library, the dining room, the bedroom, the music room, the painting studio and star gazing lookout were all unique and special in their own way.

The bunny hideaway created by our clever team in The Centre was a massive hit, for both children and adults alike!

Celebrating a Contemporary Christmas

The team in The Centre designed and created three amazing posters to celebrate the upcoming 2013 summer holidays!

Simply using Brown Kraft Card and black and white mediums to decorate, these stunning posters were a stand-out in the foyer. A simple and contemporary idea for your own classroom displays!

A selection of Christmas project ideas were also displayed near the counter as inspiration for our visitors!

Christmas on the Move

The Christmas theme for 2009, Christmas on the Move, certainly inspired our team in The Centre. A large tree made from Tyvek and Cane was constructed and used as a giant lantern to light up the foyer area! The result was quite spectacular!

A roly-poly Santa and other Christmas themed items were created, all encompassing the theme of movement! A great range of projects were displayed around The Centre as inspiration and ideas to take back to the classroom. 

The Alphabet Christmas

In 2008, the team in The Centre created yet another inspiring display to celebrate Christmas through literacy!

They constructed a display stand with a book of letters for visitors to flick through at their leisure. This was surrounded by all the letters of the alphabet, each printed in black onto white paper - the designs of each letter were unique and quite exquisite! 

The Shapes of Christmas

To celebrate the Shapes of Christmas, a giant wreath was exhibited in the foyer of The Centre in 2010! The wreath was made up of a large number of circles which were each individually printed on in a selection of bright colours - the circles were then collaged and overlapped to create a large ring which formed the wreath! The wreath was futher enhanced with ribbons and small Paper Balls painted in bright colours.

This striking display couldn't be missed as visitors entered The Centre and was a truely inspiring and yet very simple display idea!

Christmas In Australia

The Christmas in Australia foyer display in 2007 was a celebration of the uniqueness of a typical Australian Christmas through the use of Australian symbols - such as icons, motifs, native flora and fauna. This Australian imagery was combined with the traditional symbols of Christmas to encapsulate our identity.

The display was uniquely Australian and was a great inspiration source for teachers to include in their own Christmas classroom programmes.